Universal Devices Home Automation Controller Smart Hub ISY994i ZW/IR PRO Z-Wave + INSTEON + X10 - Works with Amazon Alexa

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Manufacturer Description

The ISY994iZw/IR Pro is one of the most advanced Z-Wave and Insteon controllers on the market and has numerous features to satisfy the most advanced DIY'er or seasoned home control enthusiast. If you need unbridled control, the ISY994iZw/IR Pro is your controller.

This controller now features Z-Wave technology to automate home control products and provide easy remote operation of all your Z-Wave enabled devices. The Z-Wave product family includes a variety of devices ranging from lighting to home security systems to conveniently manage your home. This controller is one component of a Z-Wave control and is designed to work with all other Z-Wave enabled devices in a home automation network. It will also act as a wireless repeater to insure that commands intended for another device in the network are received, thereby extending the range of the wireless controller.

TheISY994iZw/IR Pro supports up to 1,024 devices and scenes and a maximum of 1,000 programs. The ISY994iZw/IR Pro controller is able to configure and program Insteon devices using Insteon native protocols and specifications. This allows it to directly write to Insteon devices internally instead of just in the controller, creating a more robust network. You can set up timer events and custom event triggers, as well as monitor and control all the Insteon-compatible devices in your home from any web-browser anywhere in the world. Now you can check if the lights in your house were left on and remotely control them from your computer at the office. The IR model allows you to program your infrared universal remote to control all your Insteon/X10 devices and scenes. The PRO model extends the capabilities of the ISY for extremely large installations.

For Insteon control this device must be paired with an Insteon Dual-Band PLM Serial Interface (2413S). The PLM allows for direct communication with your Insteon network from the ISY994i/IR Pro controller. The PLM features built-in dual-band technology that sends and receives Insteon signals via powerline and radio frequency (RF), so it doubles as an Access Point. This makes it ideal for new Insteon installs if you have or plan to use an RF-only Insteon-compatible devices like a Mini Remote, Thermostat, Motion Sensor, Contact Sensor.

Product Features

PLEASE NOTE: Quantum Networks, SmartHome, Orchestrated Home ARE the ONLY authorized resellers. Warranties DO NOT apply to purchases made from any other sellers.Capable of communicating with a wide variety of off-the-shelf Z-Wave and INSTEON/X10 devices such as thermostats, lighting, door locks, pumps, irrigation, energy monitors, garage doors, and a multitude of sensors Support for 1024 Nodes/scenes and 1000 programs (each program could have 100s of conditions and 100s of actions IR (RC5) Sensor on board. You can use your RC5 Remote (Universal Remote/Phillips) to program your ISY to control linked/attached devices/scenes/programs Autonomous, secure, and highly reliable and resilient automation controller. Controllable from a variety of mobile devices and Windows, OSX, and Linux computers Extensible with OPTIONAL modules including Amazon Echo and IFTTT Maker Channel Support

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