Streetwise Security Products Streetwise Electronic Watch Dog

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Manufacturer Description

Barking/chiming/alarming when there is no apparent motion trigger: Please consider this: the detection range of the back of the unit (if it is not going through any type of barrier) is 7.7 yards which is 23 feet. This decreases to 5.5 yards (16.5 feet) when the microwaves pass through a wall or barrier. The detection range may decrease even further depending on the thickness of the barrier it’s passing through. This means that if you have a hanging plant outside, large wind chimes, trees or bushes that sway in the wind, a dog or cat, or anything moving within 16.5 feet beyond the wall/door, the unit will go off. I’ve even had a report of an inflatable inner tube floating around in an outdoor pool setting it off. The unit also has a detection range of 3.3 yards (9.9 feet) on the front and sides. This means that if you are standing within ten feet of the unit while you are testing it, have an oscillating fan within the detection range, or any other occupant (or pet) inside the house walks within ten feet of the unit, it will go off. Again, the detection distance will decrease on the front and the sides if the waves have to travel through furniture or any other type of barrier. Now these distances are maximum distances reached only on the maximum detection range. If you are receiving “false positives” where you are not able to discern any motion that could be setting it off, try turning down the detection range and testing it in a different location to rule out any movement you may not have accounted for. Not sensing motion: the microwaves can’t penetrate through metal, objects containing metal, tinted glass, or ultra thick barriers. The maximum detection range is achieved through the back of the unit. Please ensure the unit is positioned so that the back of the unit is facing the wall/door/window you would like to guard and the speaker is facing inwards to alert the occupants of movement. Note: For indoor use only. Do not place near heat sources such as heaters, radiators, heat ducts, or stoves

Product Features

Motion activated home security alarm emits a loud and authentic barking dog sound to scare off would-be thieves or attackers 24-7 Uses radar waves to detect movement through walls from up to 20 feet away and has a sensitivity adjustment dial to fit your needs Includes a wireless remote controller that can arm or disarm your "guard dog" or set off a panic alarm in an emergency from a distance Also has a volume control dial and can be set to a pleasant visitor chime setting for use when you are at home and expecting guests Comes with an AC adapter for constant power from any standard outlets and can also use 8 AA batteries (not included) as backup in case of a power outage

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