Solidremote Intelligent Wireless Relay Switch Receiver 2-Channel with 2 FCC ID RF Remote Control Transmitters - 2017 Next Generation with Secure AES Encryption (KIT-2)

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Manufacturer Description

QI WIRELESS RECEIVER for IPHONE ? 6/6S/6 Plus/ ? 7/ 7 Plus/ ? SE ? 5/5S Specifications: Fast qi wireless receiver - 1000 mAh Product standard: Qi standard Package includes: 1 * Qi Wireless Receiver IPhone Most of wireless chargers have recommendation to be used with 2A power adapters. If you use power adapter with less parameters, Charging process may be not stable and phone charge will be slower. Our wireless chargers have been tested with IPhone wireless receiver, and they can successfully charge your IPhone from a laptop USB port. IT WILL WORK WITH CASE? The receiver will work well with most cases (excluding the metal phone cases, otterbox, cases with dense and thick material). Wireless charging uses magnetic induction, and magnetic waves can not penetrate metal or very dense surface. HOW IT WILL BE USED? 1: Insert the Qi wireless receiver patch's connector into IPhone charging port; 2: Attach the IPhone qi receiver patch onto the IPhone back cover; 3: Optional - install your IPhone with non-metal phone case; 4: Place the IPhone onto the Qi standard wireless charging pad / wireless charging dock / wireless external power bank / portable wireless charger. Any problem please contact us through Amazon Email System and we will do our best to serve you.

Product Features

2017 BRAND NEW # Part of KIT-2 wireless kit, 402U is our first 2-channel wireless receiver built with STEP concept in mind, this is the best wireless receiver we have ever made for you. You need a better receiver, so we decided to take a STEP further. S_ECURITY IN MIND # Powered by TrioAES wireless system, our remote control's RF code and frequency change continuously in transmission, under protection by AES encryption, also with over 87 duodecillion (8.7 x 10^40) codes, the chances of ever repeating a code are virtually non-existent. Also our Smart Alert technology will actively alert you when a traditional RF replay attack is detected and blocked. T_ONS OF APPLICATIONS # Wide power supply voltage range 9-24V AC or 9-40V DC, and our 402U receiver can switch circuit up to 10A@125V AC, perfect for controlling a variety of home automation devices such as garage door openers, motorized gates, lifts, lights, alarms plus much more where security matters. For hobbyists, you can even expand 2 more relays by our onboard 6X Expansion Ports. E_ASY TO USE # You can control the whole system in a breeze, by straightforward LED segment display, single-button control and DIP switches, also our system provides both visual - LED & audio - beeper feedback to your command. Also with remote learning feature, you can program new transmitters remotely by any master remote already programmed. P_ERFORMANCE UPGRADED # Receiver module with dedicated built-in RF processor, use FSK technology with higher RF sensitivity thus longer range than previous generation receiver, simultaneously listen at 3 different frequencies to avoid jamming at single frequency. Optional X mode onboard provided for future transmitters with longer range.

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