Mi Casa Verde Vera3 Flexible, Powerful Home Controller

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Manufacturer Description

Mi Casa Verde VERA3 Vera3 Compatible Z-Wave Controller with Wi-Fi Mi Casa Verde VERA3 Vera3 Compatible Z-Wave Controller with Wi-Fi Features: Z wave controller Includes Wi-Fi Supports control of UPnp devices for unparalleled interoperability Works with energy meters Supports control of many serial devices Supports bridging Z-Wave, INSTEON, and X10 networks over IP Can be controlled as a Leviton Vizia RF+ device over the serial port, emulating functionality for a fraction of the cost

vera3 computer
The Vera3 home controller is easy to set up.

A state-of-the-art smart controller that blends home control and Wi-Fi in a single box, the Vera3 is Mi Casa Verde's most powerful smart controller. It easily handles lots of devices, extends over the furthest range, and gives you the most flexibility to connect more gear.

The Vera3 has a dual personality. On the one hand, it's simple enough for anyone to set up with no specialized knowledge required. You connect Vera3 to your Internet, open up a page on your screen, and you're ready to start making your home smart.

But if you're a tech enthusiast, the Vera3's advanced setup capabilities will be a lot of fun. Among other things, you can set it up for universal IR control of your entertainment system, and the ability to bridge with virtually any control platform (Z-Wave, Insteon, Serial, X-10, etc.). It's also got more memory to run more apps, plus ultra-fast Wireless-N Wi-Fi.

The Vera3 smart controller offers these features:

  • Powerful Z-Wave and Wi-Fi. Our best radios for the longest range and most robust wireless Internet.
  • Manages Up to 200 Devices. Easily run whatever kinds of smart devices and apps you want, even in larger homes and small businesses.
  • Extended Memory. Run virtually unlimited smart applications and scenes, save your favorites, and recall them whenever you like.
  • Flexibility and Expandability. With ports for more network connections and devices, Vera3 can grow into any size system.
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At a Glance

Vera3 Home Controller
  • Fast processor, more memory for downloading apps, and upgraded Wi-Fi
  • Easily manages up to 200 devices
  • Plug and play with your Internet connection
  • Guaranteed compatibility with all Z-Wave devices
  • Custom text and email alerts for any situation
  • Includes 4 Ethernet LAN ports, 1 WAN port, and 2 USB ports
  • Powered by AC adapter or external, rechargeable battery pack (both included)
Do it all from your smartphone.


And the best of these benefits:

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Control lights, cameras, thermostats, door locks alarm systems, and more.
  • Easy Home Security. Vera3 manages cameras, controls door locks, and alerts you to activity when needed. You'll always know that everyone's ok.
  • Reductions In Energy Bills. Vera3 lets you see and control household energy consumption and tailor it for savings every month, automatically or by remote control.
  • Important Alerts. Wouldn't you love to get an email or text that lets you know that the kids got home safely? That the delivery person dropped off your package? That your basement just got wet? Vera3 can send you one.
  • Automatic Comfort Settings. Have the house warm or cool the way you like it all the time, even for different house members, even as Vera3 saves you energy the rest of the time.
  • Less Time Wasted. When you know what's going on at home and can control things, you don't need to make as many trips home. Vera3 makes busy lives easier.

Simply put, Vera3 is one of the smartest smart controllers out there. Plus it's affordable, expandable, and easy to set up and does away with monthly fees. With Vera3, you get unlimited control possibilities and outstanding Wi-Fi performance, too.

Head of the Class

Vera3 has the power, range, and expandability to become any kind of smart home system you want, and even many kinds at once.

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Can also be controlled from your tablet.

It can be a security system that alerts you to activity and lets you see what's going on at home, or a welcoming committee that lets people in when you're not there to do it. It can be an energy reduction system that cuts your monthly bills, and at the same time a comfort assistant that warms or cools your house to your preferences and habits. It can tell you when the basement's getting too damp before you've got a problem. It can remember to turn the lights out when you go to bed, or leave some on when you're away and forgot to.

Vera3 not only lets you control a world of hundreds of smart devices, but also gives you exceptionally fast wireless Internet throughout your house, for all the browsing and streaming that an active family needs. In fact, Vera3 is powerful and flexible enough to run your small business, as well as the largest homes. Vera3 is smart control and Wi-Fi without compromise.

Cost & Time Savings

With a Vera3, you have the most powerful foundation for a smart home setup. You can make a Vera3 based system into whatever you want, from the simplest monitoring jobs to a completely tricked-out, remote-controllable house or business that does everything that today's smart home technologies are capable of.

To get all the control and monitoring features that Vera3 can command, alarm companies, cable companies, and others charge you serious money every month for the privilege. So by simply choosing Vera3, you're already saving money. And that's on top of the cash you can save every month through smart energy management and other control apps that Vera3 handles with ease.

Vera3 gives you choices without limitations. Want to get started with some simple security for your home? It's easy and affordable, and you don't have to get locked in to any big contracts. Want to add lighting control? Go ahead, you don't need an electrician. Want a lock you can control from anywhere? Easy breezy, and odds are that you can turn a screwdriver as well as a locksmith can.

Because there are no monthly fees, Vera3 gives you the freedom to have the control system you want to have, not more not less. You can start out wherever you want and expand to whatever you want. And not have to worry that you're adding new bills every month.

What's in the Box

Vera3 home controller, AC adapter, battery pack, operating instructions


Memory 32 MB flash memory; 128 MB DDR2 RAM
USB ports 2
Ethernet ports 1 WAN, 4 LAN
Wireless communication Z-Wave and Wireless-N Wi-Fi (802.11n)

Product Features

Vera3 is more powerful than ever with a faster processor, more memory for downloading apps and upgraded Wi-Fi. Heavy users with multiple device types and plugins will find Vera3 is up to the challenge. Guaranteed compatibility with ALL Z-Wave devices - deadbolt locks, scene controllers, sensors, lighting, thermostats, energy metering and more. Energy Monitoring - Vera's advanced energy metering capabilities empower you to take control of your energy bill and start saving money. Video Monitoring - Stream live video from plug and play IP cameras even on your smartphone.

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